Thailand Latest Feature Feed from 2015-01-30 to 2015-02-01 Latest Feature2003-2007 Tourism Authority of ThailandTAT_RSS Generator Latest Feature Thailand15099买一晚送一晚TATBanner, 01 Feb 2015Thailand selected ‘Best Tourist Country in the World' in Norwegian Awards.Once again, Thailand has been voted the ‘Best Tourist Country in the World’ by the 2009 Norwegian Grand Travel Award, organized by Fagbladet Travel News – an independent Norwegian travel trade magazine. His Excellency, Ambassador of Thailand to Norway, Mr. Jullapong Nonsrichai, together with Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Scandinavia, Mr. Manit Boonchim, jointly accepted the prestigious travel trade award on behalf of the Kingdom of Thailand. It is the seventh consecutive year that Thailand has won the prestigious title in the 14 years that the awards have been given. Thai Airways International won the 2009 Norwegian Grand Travel Award for Best Intercontinental airline, the fifth consecutive year that Thai Airways has won the award.What's new, 10 Jan 2010New Letter for Chinese MarketTATFeatures, 01 Feb 2015