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Bueng Kan
Category : Waterfalls

Located in the Phuvu Wildlife Sanctuary. The name Tad Sannan is a word that tat refers to where the water flows. The word sannana means the highest or the best. From the creek sank into the cascades down two floors, 100 meters wide, beautifully decorated. The path to Cha-am waterfall. Must pass through the rock or stone bridge in this area. The water falls under the stone bridge and disappears. When viewed from the left to see the river stretching out to meet the grove. From the end of it. There are rocks. And the hills are overlapping. The lower part of the waterfall is a large pond called Bueng Chan or Huay Chan. During the rainy season, the waterfall flows down the slope. The spread is wide. To walk up to the 2nd floor of the Chaan waterfall. Through the stream filled with rocks to the quadrangle. The Great Basin The waterfalls above the waterfall is not very high called the creek waterfall. This is the best place for campers to stay near the waterfront. Must ask the forest officials in advance. Not suitable for swimming. And some of it is clay. The car is suitable for travel is to visit. Four wheel drive

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