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Bueng Kan

The area is about 31,250 rai or about 50 square kilometers. The mountain is overlapping three small alternate with a small mountain complex along the Mekong River. The condition is generally a rainforest. Mixed evergreen forests and wildlife. The origin of the waterfall. And many small streams interesting things within the park; There are 4 layers of cascading waterfalls. Only the last floor will have a basin all year round. Surrounding area There is a small stone courtyard. Tat Pho Waterfall Originated from the mountains of Phu Lanka. Close to Tat Kham Waterfall Approximately 4 kilometers, take Highway 212 from Nakhon Phanom, then turn left at 214 km to about 3 kilometers. Waterfall is no less beautiful Than Tat Waterfall. There are four cascading waterfalls, each level is not less than 10 meters high. The 2nd floor is 30 meters high. Kinnaree Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall. There is a large stone courtyard for waterfalls and a two-tiered waterfall. Phuklan National Park is about 34 km away. The pagoda containing the relics of the Buddha, which was brought from Nepal in 2000, is located on a rocky terraced hillside, the highest point of Phu Lanka, about 563 meters above sea level. With many species. Cool weather throughout the year. There is a scenic view of the sunrise from the Mekong River and the Lao People's Democratic Republic in the morning. This pagoda is about 4 kilometers from the Phu Luang National Park Office & emsp; It is a small pagoda used to contain the relics of Luang Pu. A famous teacher over 50 years ago. Located on a large sandstone courtyard.

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