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Sakon Nakhon

Tha Rae Village (Catholic Community) is located near Nhong Harn on Highway Number 22 (Sakon Nakhon – Nakhon Phanom), Tha Rae subdistrict, Muang district, which is 21 kilometers away from the city. Tha Rae village is best known for having the largest amount of population who are Christians in Thailand. It is an old community with over 100 years old. Most villagers are Christians. In the past back to 1884, Tha Rae people were Christians who migrated from Vietnam. There were only 40 people. They lived in Sakon Nakhon city and had Keko father (French missionary) as the caretaker. However, when the number of population increased and the problems with some government officers happened, they moved to Tha Rae where it was full of light-brown stones. People call it as “Hin Hae”. It is where Akkara Sangha Monthon Tha Rae Nhong Saeng or Tha Rae missionary office located. The village has square city plan which looks like a cheese and similar to European city. Moreover, the residences are built in French style which is very beautiful especially along the main road of the village.Therefore, every 25th December of every year, this community will hold Christmas star festival. They will have Christmas star parade at Muang district since they believe “star” is the symbol of Jesus who was born in human world. The parade is decorated with big stars and scientific lightings. It narrates the story of when Jesus was born. Every year, there are around 200 star parades. The villagers will decorate their houses with star lamps. Moreover, they will have chorus singing Christmas songs and sell products. There will be a festival the whole night.  

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