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Wat Si Chum is a temple where Phra Atchana, a gigantic Buddha image at the attitude of subduing Mara sits in the main hall. This Bhuddha image is known as a ‘speaking Bhuddha.’ The temple was assumingly built in King Ramkamhaeng the Great’s era then became abandoned in late Ayutthaya era. The temple was renovated by an order from King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1952.      Si Chum Temple or Wat Si Chum hosts a Bhuddha image in the main hall, which is different from normal temples that have main Bhuddha image in a chapel. You can also witness the beauty and mightiness from its highest days even through faded murals on the main hall.    Wat Si Chum is also a place where the 2nd stone inscription or Wat Si Chum stone inscription was found. Undoubtedly, Wat Si Chum is one of the most important Sukhothai attractions in term of national history. The unique Sukhothai arts is expressed through remaining Bhuddha images, temple halls, and pillars in the historical park. Visiting temples during your Sukhothai travel is one the things to do in your vacation time.

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Sukhothai Historical Park is 12 kilometers away from Sukhothai city on state highway number 12 (Sukhothai – Tak)

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