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It is the old wat together with Wat Phichit which is a centuries-old monastery and is enshrined of Luang Por Phetch. Buddha statue, Pang Manvichai, is a Chiang Saen art of over 800 years with bronze casting and the beauty of Buddhism beyond description. The Buddha has a width of 1.40 meters 1.60 meters high. According to the history, Phra Phichit, the governor wanted the Buddha to be enshrined at Phichit. When the army of Ayutthaya traveled through the city to go and revolt Chom Thong, Phichit has asked the captain to bring Buddha image back if the rebellion is finished. When it is finished, captains brought the Luang Por Phetch Buddha back by leaving it to the King Kamphaengphet. Then Luang Por Phetch was enshrined at the temple at Nakhon Chum. Then moved to Wat Tha Luang, Amphoe Mueang Phichit up until now.

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