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Opening Days : Monday - Sunday

Opening Hour : 10.30 - 21.30

Payment : Visa, MarterCard, Diners Club cards

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Doi Tung Lifestyle offers products that are manufactured under Doi Tung Development Project. They are the productions of people who live on the hills and in the plains. They have created different types of products, such as hand-loomed work, clothing, home decor, porcelains, products from mulberry paper and personal utensils. According to the success in providing work and earnings, this project can sustainably and permanently resolve the poverty problems, suppress drugs production and human trafficking.
As a result, Doi Tung Development Project has become well-known to many countries due to its adoption of sustainable alternative development and peaceful problem solving of ?UNODC? (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime). With this reason, a symbol of ?UNODC? was granted to the project and is labelled to all packages manufactured by Doi Tung Development Project. The stores are available at Doi Tung Lifestyle Store, 3rd floor, Siam Discovery and Bon Mache.
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  • By MRT : Connecting to Lumpini station
  • By Other : 2 minutes walk from MRT Lumpini station

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