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Opening Days : Monday - Sunday

Opening Hour : 10.00 - 22.00

Payment : Visa, MarterCard, Diners Club cards

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Flynow is not only a Thai brand that can make it through the past 24 years in the clothing market, but it also proved that global fame is possible. Thanks to its creativity, positioning seeking and proficient management, they are the key success that flied Flynow to international catwalks.
"Chatchareephan Songwattana," Deputy Managing Director of At Bangkok Co., Ltd., and Managing Director of Flynow and international market supervisor stated that the strength of Flynow actually started back in 1983 when ?Somchai Songwattana,? the founder of Flynow, had strengthened the domestic marketing by launching Flynow black & white collection, which made a sensation to the people at that time as the colors were normally a symbol of grief.
However, because of those ?differences? and ?outstanding point?, Flynow became popular in Thailand.
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How to get there
  • By BTS : Connecting to Prompong Station
  • By Other : 1 minutes walk from Queen Sirikij Park

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