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1. Admiral Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse, Prince of Chumphon Shrine. Admiral Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse, Prince of Chumphon is the father of Royal Thai Navy and the shrine is where people come to pray 2. Chumpon Island Chain. The chain is consisting of 40 islands 3. Matsee Viewpoint a viewpoint high up on the mountain. A person can see 360 views of the area. 4. Rafting. Visitor can enjoy soft adventure by rafting in middle of the jungle all the while enjoy the beautiful scenery. 5. Thung Wua Lan Beach. This is a white sandy beach that slightly angle down into the sea, most suitable for playing in the water. There are accommodations and restaurants available and also a diving school. 6. Baan Tong Tom Yai. This is an old community. The local builds their house leaning into the sea and in the evening there will be people come to fish very often. 7. Kao Pitak. This is a small island 800 meter from the main land. There are small boats that will take people to and from the island. This island used to call Kao Pee Thak (Ghost calling island) because some fisherman saw people waving for them to come ashore but then there is no one. Today there are now people settling on the island along the shore line. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling and other shallow water activities. There are home stay on the island available for the guests to spend a night 8. Kao Ta Lu. This island is located 13 km from Chumpon it is a small lime stone island. There is a cave on this island that people can see the water below, also they can swim to the other side. The island has beautiful coral reefs and flowers around the island. During March – April there will be birds migrated to the island. For more information please call 0 7755 8144-5 9. Thum Kao Plu How Spring. Tourists who are concern about healthy must not miss this hot spring. This hillside hot spring has total 3 springs each temperature around 50-56 C. The price is 10-60 baht per hour, 5 baht for public room and 120 baht per hour for massage. 10. Nai Dum Orange Farm. This farm is famous for Shogun Orange. There are oranges all year round. It is also export product of Thailand. The farm has incorporate the state of the art technologies to control the quality of their oranges. Visitors can visit and try this famous orange of Chumpon

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