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Introducing Admirallica, this grand pirate ship is now available in Pattaya for day and night cruises, parties, private charters or any special events. The mighty galleon offers a truly unique experience and is totally family friendly, with on board entertainers performing pirate shows and catering to all guests, whatever your needs may be. Our ship can take on board up to 150 guests. "Admirallica" is wooden ship, admired for its size and performance. We have used the latest technology for shipbuilding. New Zealand engineers have created a triple-decker miracle, and the designers have added character of a pirate galleon parts and construction. Everything is possible, on board of the ship! A team of professionals can help you implement any scenario. Whether it would be a pirate wedding, corporate event or themed party for your friends , or you just want to escape from everyday life and splash a bit of creativity into your life we can offer you that. We can assure you it will be a lot of fun. Fun program is guaranteed. We can’t predict in advance what exactly we have in a prepared for you! But we promise, that you won’t be disappointed! It will be the most memorable experience during your vacation. We have everything you need to set a good mood!

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We provide transfer by miniVANs

We provide transfer by miniVANs

We provide transfer by miniVANs

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