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Uthai Thani
Category : Archaeological

Ancient UthaithaniAncient Uthaithani is at ancient Uthaithanihouse which is the location of Uthaithani province in Ayutthaya era. This place has a lot of ancient remains such as at Wathuamak ,Wat yang and Watguti. According to old legends, in Sukothai era, Brahma came to build the Uthai city in ancient Uthaithani house or Nongchang District. However, after building the city, the water changed its way making this city lack of water. Therefore, people did not live here anymore until PhraTaburd came to improve it and became the first ruler of Uthai city in Ayutthaya era. After that, the location of the city, which is where it is now, has been changed to the area near Sakraekrungriver where people can trade easier.The Buddhist temple that has still remained is called “Wat Jang” Burma people destroyed the top part of the pagoda built in B.E.2081 but it was repaired in B.E.2528. This pagoda is near the temple. There is a door between the temple and pagoda. This temple is the small one with one door which is in latest Ayutthaya style. Inside, there is a picture which was drawn in the last time of repairment. This picture shows the royal duties of King Taksin. Moreover, there are King Taksin’s war horse statue and King taksin shrine in Wat Jang. Another remained temple is Wathuameung. It is located in Meungkao Sub-district. The main feature is the ancient mural painting. Inside, there is an old temple which is behind the ancient pagoda.If you want to come here, from Nongchang market, you will see T intersection. Turn right and go straight. Then, you will see Wat Jang. Wathuameung is far from Watang 1 km. 

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