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Baan Phra Tub Jai (Impressive House)     “Baan Phra Tub Jai(Impressive House)” or “House of 100 Poles” is a beautiful house made of teakwood, located in Phrae. The owner was Mr.Kitcha Chaiwanakub, who passed away in June 1984 from heart disease and diabetes. Since then, his wife started to take care of the house which is a private house in a 13-acre-land. The construction began in 1972, by Mr.Kitcha who designed the floor plans and interior decoration by himself without any help of architectures.  House’s poles are large logs, 130 pieces in  total, which wood age are about 300 years old. It was finished 5 years later as a house for his big family. It is a modern Thai style, with carved wooden cabinets, rare antiquaries, ancient porcelain and Ga-leh gable roof which is the typical style of Northern Thailand. At present the house is still a private one, but opens as a tourist attraction without relating to any government service.     The house solely is about 2800 square meters, which is divided into various sections including 5 guest rooms and “Chan Maprang”, which is a relaxing terrace full of marian plum trees, indicating by its name. There is also “Chan Tawan”, where is the best place to enjoy the glory of the morning light, with an elegantly carved table with its wood from East Asiatic Company.     We will welcome you with open arms. We apologise for any inconvenience, and greatly appreciate your understanding. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.    

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