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Baan Sao NakBaan Sao Nak is situated on Rat Wattana Road in Wiang Nuea Sub-district, Mueang District, Lampang Province. It is an ancient wooden house. Since there are up to 116 planks of teakwood posts, this house is named “Baan Sao Nak.” The word “Nak,” in the local language, means “many.” This house was built in 1895 by Mong Chan Ong, the origin of the Chandraviroj family. The house was named by MR. Thanadsri Svasti, owing to the amount of the posts. The area of the house is around 3 Rai, consisting of large houses in group, garage, and granary.The special thing of this house is that it is the architecture with the combination of Myanmar and Lanna Style. The balcony is influenced by Myanmar architecture; whereas, the roof and the general structure is built in Lanna style. There is a 133-year-old Saraphi tree (Mammea Siamensis) at the front of the house.The inside of Baan Sao Nak displays ancient appliances which were used in northern people’s lifestyle in the past; for example, the support on an elephant or Chao Luang Lampang’s seat on the elephant’s neck, ancient casket, machine for creasing cloth, iron coffer, lacquer ware, silverware, and silver Lanna container of areca nut. In addition, there are the picture of Chao Dara Rasami and the picture of the first generation of the house owner on the wall. There is also a Lanna granary outside and nearby the house. These stuffs are displayed everywhere in the house, waiting for the visitors to study and admire.Baan Sao Nuk is open for the visitors to see the house and other collections everyday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The admission fee, including the beverages, is 50 baht for foreigners and 30 baht for Thai people. Monks, children, and students can enter the house free of charge. The house can also be arranged for the seminar or traditional Khantoke dinner. For more details, contact 0 5422 7653, 08 6910 7408, 08 1568 0033, and 08 1724 4063 or email address The visitors can see the pictures in facebook page of Baan Sao Nuk who passes Lampang Province, an abundant city which has long been prosperous in teakwood trading, should not forget to visit Baan Sao Nak that provides the visitors of the art of building the house with teakwood in an ancient style and the lifestyle of northern people in the past. 

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