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Samut Sakhon

Baan Sila Suwan(or Sila Suwan House) is a precious golden teak Thai traditional house. It is a tourist attraction located around Chalom Road, Tambon Ta Chalom, Amphoe Muang Samut Sakorn, Samut Sakorn. This house belongs to the old merchant “Sila Suwan”family. Baan Sila Suwan is a 2 storey house, with a structure imitated from teak house around Tanon Tok Road (Bangkok) in the old days. The construction was finished in 1922. The house has intricately splendid design, with an architectural blend between Thai traditional house and the European gingerbread ornamentation, which was popular during the reign of King Rama VI. Baan Sila Suwan was wholly made of golden teak, with a laced Manila gable roof, tooth-like ridges on the sloping edges of the gable, and vents. It has lathed posts with decorated sharp tops. The lower part of the building has stenciled tooth-like ridges along the sloping edges of the gable end.  The house is 28 meters wide, 16 meters high. The ground floor is an open space. The second floor has ladders on two sides. The front of the house is a roomy hall, with 5 rooms of the same space at the back. The names of each room are rhymed, which is Palangjit Pratan, Athitthan Baramee, Buppakareeyan, Vimarn Kunavorn, Pronsanong Uthai. Each of the room is adorned with precious and beautiful antiques, such as porcelain, and lacquerware. Inside also exhibits the replica of the first engine steamboat named “Ruea Sudsakorn”(Sudsakorn Boat) built by Grandpa Thet Sila Suwan as well. At present, Mrs. Paveena Takhiennuch (Sila Suwan) is the owner of the house. Baan Sila Suwan has been undertaken several restoration works until it is in the perfect condition for travellers to visit.As for a transportation, from Bangkok, take Thonburi-Pak Thor Road (Phra Ram Song). Drive pass the junction to Samut Sakorn town for around 3 kilometers. Cross Ta Chin River, there will be a turn to Tambon Ta Chalom. Continue driving, it takes around 5 kilometers before reaching the destination. Baan Sila Suwan stands beside Ta Chin river, a perfect location to pay a visit. 

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