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Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
Category : Royal Palace

Bang Pa-in Palace is ancient palace back to Ayutthaya era. This palace was built by King Prasart Thong and then it was rebuilt by King Mongkut after it’s abandoned for long time. The palace is divide into 2 zone one is inner zone that for royal family to use as a resting place the other zone is outer zone that open for normal people and tourist.                   According to Bang Pa-in Travel Guide there are a lot of place tourist can pay a visit in this palace.                     Hem Montein Tewa Raja Tower (King Prasart Thong Shrine). This was built in Khmer style by King Mongkut in addition to honor King Prasart Thong the one who first built this palace.                   Aisawan Thiphya-Asana Royal Pavilion. This royal pavilion was built by King Mongkut at the middle of palace’s basin. It is a copy of Arporn Phimok Prasart royal pavilion in Bangkok and named follow by the first royal pavilion that build by King Prasart Thong in the past.                   Vropas Phimarn Palace. This palace is a Greek Corinthian Order style palace. It was built for royal ceremony or welcome the royal guest. Aside from any ceremony this palace also a storage of ancient weapon, carve statue and another tribute that gift to royal family.                   Saphakan Ratchaprayun. This the assembly hall build at opposite of Vropas Phimarn Palace in order for royal family followers to use it as an accommodation.                   Tewa Raja Kunlai Gate. This a gate on top of the bridge that connect Bang Pa-in Palace inner and outer zone together.                   Uthayarn Phum Satein Palace. This is the wood palace build in Swiss Chalet style. All around the palace decorate by a highly rare and valuable assets that tribute from across the country. Sadly the palace was accidently burned in 1938 and the hold palace and its asset ware turned to ashes. After accident King Bhumibol Adulyadej rebuilt this palace as a concrete palace.                     Vehas Jumrune Palace. This palace is a Chinese style palace and it use as a winter palace. The palace was built by local millionaire name Lord Shoduk and his nickname is Fuk. He built this palace in order to offering it to King Chulalongkorn. The palace has a name in Chinese language it is Tien Meng Toei. The architecture and art style of this palace is truly a masterpiece there are carving art on every wall the main chamber floor is Jay tile with art paint on each tile also surrounding area decorate by Chinese furniture and decoration. This palace sometime open a room on first floor for tourist to pay a visit.                   Bubpha Prapas Royal Pavilion. This pavilion was built by King Chulalongkorn in the garden next to Vehas Jumrune Palace in order to be a place for relax and take look in flower garden.                   Vitule Tassana Tower. This tower was built by King Chulalongkorn alongside the Bubpha Prapas royal pavilion in order to be a view tower for take a look in all area.                   Queen Sunanta Kumarirat Monument. This is a monument build by King Chulalongkorn to be a memorial of his beloved consort who pass away in boat accident.                   Raja Nusorn Monument. This monument was built along with Queen Sunanta Kumarirat Monument in order to be a memorial for another royal family members that pass away in the same boat accident as Queen Sunanta Kumarirat.                   There are quite lot of ways to travel to Bang Pa-In Palace tourist   can choose the most suit way for themselves.                   If you travel by personal vehicle from Ayutthaya city. Head out from town by highway No. 3477 to Ban Len parish it will take around 15 minute to reach Bang Pa-In train station after that just head straight Bang Pa-In Palace must be on right hand side. However if you come from Bangkok you have to use Paholayothin road until you reach Pratu Nam Pra-in then cross outer ring’s bridge after that turn left at 35th Km. to highway No. 308 head straight 7 Km. you will reach Bang Pa-In Palace.                   There are some public bus from transport station in Bangkok to Ayutthaya’s transport station. Tourist can directly buy ticket from the station or book ticket online at or also buy ticket online at is still an option.                   Bang Pa-In Palace has train station nearby so it possible to travel by train. There are a train from Bangkok at Hua Lum Pong train station to travel to Bang Pa-In train station. Tourist can ticket online at                   Another way that famous among tourist to detour around Ayutthaya include visit Bang Pa-In palace is boat trip by tourist Service Company. 

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How to get there

From Bangkok, take Phahon Yothin Road until Pratu Nam Phra In. Cross the outer ring bridge and turn left around Km.35 for approximately 7 kilometres to Bang Pa-In palace, or pass to Ayutthaya and turn left at Chedi Wat Sam Pluem Circle via Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, Wat Phananchoeng, Amphoe Bang Pa-in to Bang Pa-in Railway Station, turn right to Bang Pa-In Palace
By Car
1. Take Highway No.1 (Phahonyothin Road.) then take Highway No.32 to Ayutthaya.
2. Take Highway No.304 (Chaeng-Watthana Road.) or take Highway No.302 (Ngamwongwan Road.) ; turn righ to Highway No.306 (Tiwanon Road.), then take Highway No.3111 (Pathum Thani-Samkhok-Sena) and turn right at Amphoe Sena to Highway No.3263
3. Take Highway No.306 (Bangkok - Nonthaburi - Pathum Thani Road.) then take Highway No.347

From Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal, on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, there are buses to Bang Pa-in daily every 30 minutes. For more details, please call Tel. 0 2936 2852-66 or click and Ayutthaya Bus Terminal, Tel. 0 3533 5304

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