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  As an old durian orchard, Bang Rak Noi Agritourism Support and Development Centre is an agritourism attraction located on Soi Sawai Phon, Bang Rak Noi Subdistrict, Mueang Nonthaburi District, Nonthaburi.The centre allows visitors to see a preserved durian orchard aged over a hundred years. Set in a suburban area, it has various cultivars of durians including Mon Thong, Kan Yao, Chani, Kop, etc. In addition, visitors can easily get to the centre by car and boat.The Durian Non, literally the durian from Nonthaburi, has long been famous. As the soil in Nonthaburi Province is fertile silt deposited by rivers, different kinds of fruits grown in this area, particularly the durian, taste good. Unlike the durian from other regions, the Durian Non is sweet and buttery in texture. Anyone who tries it will love it. This makes it so well-known that it has become one of the province’s symbols.Santi Sawettawimon, a food guru, states that “We have to admit that our Thai durians are the world’s best-tasting durians. In fact, durians are not native to our country, but to Indonesia and Malaysia. However, Thai people, as agrarians, have been making genetic improvement in durians since we got what we call Durian Nok from the southern region in the Ayutthaya Period. In Nonthaburi, we have the best soil which is rich in humus. It is fertile soil deposited by the Chao Phraya River. Durians grown in Nonthaburi produce better fruit than those grown in the South which are wild durians yielding bad-tasting fruit with thick skin, large seeds and thin flesh”. As for the right time to go to the orchard, tourists can visit here almost all year round, especially during durian harvest time between April and May and during the Nonthaburi Durian Festival. However, during rainy season and high tide, it may not be safe and easy enough to visit the orchard. For those who would like to visit the orchard, please contact the Bang Rak Noi Agritourism Support and Development Centre in advance. Also, visitors will be charged at 10 baht as admission fee.  

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