Chatuchak Night Plant Market
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Operating day : Tuesday - Wednesday

Operating time : 22.00 - 17.00

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Jatujak Night Plant Market is located inside Jatujak Market in plant zone. It welcomes those who love plants to spend their time selecting and buying plants and trees. However, it opens only on Tuesday at 22.00 until Wednesday at 17.00. This market opens at night until the morning of the next day. There are abundant of ornamental plants, perennial plants, local plants, rare plants and home-grown vegetables including garden equipments and agricultural equipments. Jatujak market is a wholesale market from Wednesday to Friday. There are stalls along both sides of the road inside the market. For those who have never been to night plant market, it is suggested to start at gate 3 (the gate near Phaholyothin road between zone 3 and 4). In that area, there are stalls selling planting equipments, agricultural chemical substances, plants pots and many ornamental plants such as cosmoses, marigolds, zinnias and watercresses. From zone 4 to zone 2, there are stalls selling small-size and medium-size ornamental plants such as hibiscuses, gerberas, pussleys and mose-roses.  When you walk along, you will see many other Thai plants. If you enter zone 2, you will be in the area of big ornamental plants such as over-meter Vassana, palm lady palm and other plants. For transportation, you can visit this place by taking bus number 3, 26, 27, 29, 34, 59, 77, 96, 112, 134, 136, 138, 145, 502, 503, 520 or 513. Another way is getting on BTS and getting off at Jatujak station or by getting on MRT and getting off at Kampaengphet station. For those who go by personal car, you can park at Or Tor Kor food and fruit market. If you come from Ladprao intersection, drive pass Jatujak market until you reach Y-intersection. Then turn right to Kampaengphet road, you will see the parking lot on your left-hand side inside Or Tor Kor market. If you drive pass the back of Jatujak market at gate 2, there is also a parking lot too. Since this market is a center of various kinds of plants, it is easy to visit and located at the center of Bangkok, plant-lovers should not miss a chance to visit and buy attractive plants here.  

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