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Ubon Ratchathani
Category : Beaches & Bay

Hat Salueng is located in Ban Song Khon, Song Khon Sub-district, Pho Sai District, Ubon Ratchathani Province. It is approximately 115 kilometers from the city center of the province along the highway number 2050 (Ubon Ratchathani- Trakan Phuet Phon- Pho Sai). As for the history of its name “Hat Salueng,” it is believed that during the time when a twenty-five-satang (salueng) coin could buy a buffalo, those who joined Songkran festival at the beach had come up with a challenge. The bet was that anyone who was able to walk or run along the path on the beach (860 meters) at noon in the middle of April without resting could get the betting money for 1 salueng. Since the bet was set up, no one had won the money. The villagers, therefore, call this beach “Hat Salueng.” Hat Salueng is a beautiful beach along the bank of the Khong River. In drying season, between January and May, when the tide of the river is on the ebb, the hidden white sand beach will appear for the tourists to see. The recommended activity is walking on soft sands, together with enjoying the view in Laos’ border. At Hat Salueng, there are a lot of facilities provided for the tourists, including accommodation, restaurant, shop, souvenir shop, rented boat for tour guiding, as well as local tour guide. As a result, Hat Salueng is such a suitable place as a starting point of water tourism. There are a lot of tourist attractions along the Khong River where the tourists can go by boat. That is, from the left one to the right one (facing out of the Khong River), Pha Phaniang, Don Klang, Kaeng Noi, Kaeng Khon Yai, Don Mak Kluea, Pak Bong, Hat Salueng, Don Klang, Hin Kong Khao (near Laos’ border), Khan Nok Iang, Hin Kong Khao (near Thai’s border), Tham Nang Tho Huk, Sam Phan Bok, Silalaeng, Hat Hong, and Lan Hin See. However, the boat fare varies with the route. The fare and more detail can be asked at Hat Salueng pier.  

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