Huay Tap Tan Khmer Ruins or Ban Prasart Khmer Ruinsปราสาทบ้านปราสาท 3_1436234683.jpg
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Si Sa Ket

Located in a temple named Wat Prasat Phanaram, these Khmer ruins were renovated and revised after its construction, similar to the Si Khoraphum ruins in Surin province. Huai Thap Than Khmer Ruins has a very similar roof, though much higher. It comprises three brick stupas on laterite bases, lying in a north-to-south direction. Laterite walls with arches and gates surround the stupas. Though the ruins may have once had four gates, today, only the southern gate remains. As for the middle stupa, the largest and lowest, its eastern gate is framed with a mysterious unfinished lintel. The carvings depict a figure standing above a structure. Other carved lintels in front of the southernmost stupa depicta churning sea of milk. The ruins were likely built in the 11th century, deducing from the blended styles of Khlang and Bapuan, before later being revised.   To get there, from Si Sa Ket town, take Highway No. 22 for 39 kilometers. Turn right at Amphoe Huai Thap Thann and keep going for an additional 8 kilometers.

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