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Kham Pheang Phet’s Shrine of the City Pillar    It is located in area of Wat Phra Kaew and Kham Phaeng Phet’s National Museum. Kham Phaeng Phet City is a blessed name which means a secure city like a city surrounded by fortifications made from diamond. Kham Phaeng Phet’s Shrine of the City Pillar is in harmony with security and steadiness, therefore, it is better to make a wish about habitations, occupations, lost things, the beloved etc.    Kham Pheang Phet’s Shrine of the City Pillar is assumed to be established in the period of King Maha Thammaracha I (Lithai) who ruled Kham Pheang Phet City. It is made of round laterite and about 2 meters off the ground. It was buried and rose above the ground around 1 meter. Moreover, the Thepharak’s head was found on the top of the laterite. In the period of King Rama V, the roof fell on the pillar of the City and the Thepharak’s head. Afterwards, it was in bad condition for a long time until 1929, the Rong Ammat Eak Luang Montri Rach (Whan), a Kham Phang Phet’s prosecutor initiated an idea of constructing the new Shrine of the City Pillar as a pavilion in Thai style.    In 1945, a thief cut the Thepharak’s head and Laung Prariwat Woravichit (Chantra Charoenchai), the provincial governor, ordered reconstruction. It was made from soil from the top of  Khao Luang Mountain, from the center of monastery and from the center of ancient pagodas in Kham Phaeng Phet, Sukhothai, Srisuchanalai, Phitsanulok and Tak province. Later, Chaovat Sudlapha went to Kham Phaeng Phet to take on the provincial governor. In October 1982, the provincial governor went to pay respect to the Shrine of the City Pillar, he felt that the Shrine of the City Pillar was in decline and wasn’t in good shape then he ordered to renovate the Shrine of the City Pillar as a holy place of the city for Kham Phaeng Phet’s people to respect and worship.     The restoration was based on the accuracy and the complete form of the Shrine of the City Pillar along with local traditions. The new Shrine of the City Pillar tower is a building with four gable ends as well as boundary of which the width is 17.5x17.5 meters and the elevated height is 19 meters. It was established in direction of facing four sides, according to the astrology. The tower was made of reinforced concrete, marble floor, washing sand of laterite.     The complete construction program and installation of the city pillar and Thepharak’s head ceremony was on May 5, 1984 which was the same day as Coronation’s day.    On April 16, 1984 the King Rama IX assigned His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn to preside over the opening of Kham Phaeng Phet’s Shrine of the City Pillar and to make an auspicious marking on them in the name of the King’s representative.

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