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Ang Thong
Category : Royal Palace

Kham Yat Palace is located in Kham Yat Sub-district, 2.5 kilometers west from Wat Pho Thong, on a one way road. Nowadays, the 10-meter-wide and 20-meter-long building has only 4 cement walls left and stands in the middle of a rice field. But, there are still traces of beauty of artworks such as the decorations at the Jaranum facade, porticos at the front and the back, laterite paint inside and wood flooring. When King Rama V visited Kham Yat Palace in 1908, his thought on the place appeared on his writing, Phra Ratchahatthalekha Ruang Sadet Praphat Lamnam Makham Thao. It said that he originally thought that Krom Khun Phonphinit (Khun Luang Ha Wat or Prince Uthumphon), who had ordained at Wat Pho Thong, built this palace to live as a monk because of its suitable location. However, when King Rama V saw that the palace was elaborately built, he changed his mind because he thought that Khun Luang Ha Wat would never think of building his temporary residence or base for fight, this grand and beautiful. Therefore, he assumed that this palace was built in the reign of King Boromakot to be his residence during trips just like King Prasat Thong who had built the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace as his summer palace because he often visited the area. These two kings had visited Phra Non Khun Inthapramun twice. And in the same time, Krom Khun Phonphinit (Khun Luang Ha Wat or Prince Uthumphon), who had ordained at Wat Racha Pradit, had brought his servants and his loyal monks on a boat with him to Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, to stay at Wat Pho Thong and at Kham Yat Palace to join Bang Rachan villagers in battle. Today, the Fine Arts Department has renovated the Kham Yat Palace and listed the place as ancient monument. If you want to visit the Kham Yat Palace, the place is located in Kham Yat Sub-district of Ang Thong Province, 2.5 kilometers west from Wat Pho Thong.   

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