Laan Boon Mahaviharn Park: His Holiness Prah Puttajarn (Toh Brahmarangsri)
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Laan Boon Mahaviharn Park: His Holiness Prah Puttajarn (Toh Brahmarangsri)This place is located at Mittrabhap road about 2 kilometers far from Sikiw district. Along the road visitors can see the biggest statue of his holiness Prah Puttajarn (Toh Brahmarangsri), a revernd of Rakang Temple in the reign of king Rama IV. The statue was built by Mr. Sorapong Chatri due to his highest respect to the reverend.The statue was finished in 1 May, 2000. The width of his holiness lotus position is 8 meters and 1 inch. The statue is 13 meters high and it weighs for about 61 tons. The statue cost about 9 million Baht. The shrine to this statue was created in a pagoda top shrine to house the Buddha idol.The area around this statue is decorated with gardens, ponds, rock gardens, etc. There are free food and toilets for visitors and worshippers alike. This place opens daily from 6.00 to 18.00. For more information call 0 441 1671 or 08 1640 1281.  

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