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Lelux Hospital was a clinic, previously known as “Suay Ngam Clinic” since 2002. Back in the day, Suay Ngam Clinic was renowned among the group of people who are interested in plastic surgery, under the concept of “Beauty can be achieved economically”.   In the past, the price of doing plastic surgery is very high. However, once Suay Ngam Clinic was established, due to its perception of providing low costs as well as great quality and safeness. Therefore, the customers are satisfied with the services and got around by the word of mouth, which makes Suay Ngam Clinic expanded to Lelux Hospital up until now.   At Lelux Hospital, there are more than ten specialist surgeons leading by Dr. Kittisak Vichachai, the premium doctor and the owner of the hospital. Dr. Kittisak expertises on many kinds of surgery, which are breast augmentation, nose implant, blepharoplasty both lower and upper eyes and double eyelid.   Our hospital offers an operating room which are equivalent to the standard of universal hospital this is because the safeness of patients is our first priority. The facilities include a lifesaving equipment, a sterile operating room with an air filter system called “Hepa Filter” and a high level of sterilization for the equipment and instruments. Lelux Hospital does not only offer plastic surgery but also Dermatology Centre and Dental Centre.  

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