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Operating day : All Day

Operating time : 08.30 - 16.30

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Chiang Rai

Pha Mon Highland Agricultural Extension Centre is located in Amphoe Thoeng. It promotes the growing of temperrate; such as , tulip, lily, red salvia, red poinsettia or christmas flower, etc. During the cool season, season, visitors come to admire the beautiful scene of blossoms in various colours, with the beauty of the landscape that makes them feel fresh amidst a cool atmosphere. houses are on offer for visitors, without a restaurant service. Advance reservation is required at +66 5391 8555    

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How to get there

From the town of Chiang Rai, take Highwat 1020 toward Amhpoe Toeng - Amphoe Chiang Kham, turn left at the Phu Sang Witthayakhom School, and drive on past the Namtok Phu Sang National Park, and Ban Huak, a village on the Lao - Thai Border

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