Phra Phuttharup Yai (literally means big Buddha statue)พระพุทธรูปใหญ่_1443602883.jpg
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Phra Phuttarup Yai or Phra Phuttharup Patima Santayaphirom Satuek Udomrat Nimit Munin is a huge standing Buddha statue in the His Majesty the King’s 72th Birthday Anniversary Park on the bank of the Mun River, opposite the Satuek district office. It was built on February 2, 1983, the auspicious occasion of the Bicentennial Anniversary of Bangkok, and named “Phra Phuttharup Patima Santayapirom Satuek Udomrat Nimit Munin” by Somdet Phra Ariyawongsakhottayan (Wat), the Supreme Buddhist Patriarch, which means “the statue of the sage Buddha is built by Satuek people to be the spiritual center and to remind them to be happy with tranquility”. It is highly revered by Satuek people and nearby provinces. They unceasingly visit to pay respect to the statue and ask for blessings. On important Buddhist religious days, Satuek sub-district and Satuek district municipality hold a religious ceremony in which people, carrying lighted candles, walk clockwise around the statue. A lot of people come to pay respect to Phra Phuttharup Yai, especially during the long boat racing festival held at Satuek district.  

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How to get there

Take Highway 219 (Buriram - Mahasarakham) until Satuek district and turn left at the Mun river bridge.

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