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Mae Hong Son

Phuklon Country Club Phuklon Country club is located at 132 Mu2 Mok Cham Pae district, Amphoe Mueang Mae Hong Son. Phuklon is one of the world’s three natural mud hot spring. This hot spring is rich in minerals good for the skin and blood circulation system. Nowadays, Phuklon is well known for its health and beauty enhancing services using natural mud from the hotspring. Phuklon has a very remarkable history. In 1995, the mud in Mae Sanga hot spring (now Phuklon) was discovered by expert geologists. These geologists found this hot spot in the middle of a rice field which the water from this hot spring flows into a creek nearby. Villagers claimed that this hot spring is able to relieve stress and heal the body miraculously. Therefore the water and mud from this hot spring were analyzed by scientists. The scientists found out that there are many beneficial minerals in the water and mud, which are great for our skin. The mud itself is like those from the Dead Sea in Israel and the mud from Romanian dormant volcano. Afterward, this hot spring and the area around had been explored by locals and geologists for many years. In 2000, the “Phuklon Country Club” was established to develop this area into a full scale health and beauty spa, and becoming both province’s and country’s tourist attraction in the future. Phuklon Country Club is one of the best spas in Unseen Thailand tourist attractions. It is a must visit spa in Mae Hong Son. This spa has many health and beauty services such as hot spring bath, mud facial treatment, Thai massage, and oil massage. This place also has health and beauty enhance product from mud and natural spring for visitors to purchase. It also features a view point for tourist to take pictures of the hot spring. How to get here: from Mae Hong Sorn, use route 1095 (Mae Hong Son – Pai) for about 10 Kilometers, then take a left turn to Ban Kung Mai Sak – Ban Hua Khan for about 4 Kilometers, You will see Phuklon Country Club on your right. Open Mondays – Sundays from 8.00 – 17.00. Free of charge. For more information contact 0 5328 2579, 0 5327 9440.Or check out our website at  

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How to get there

Follow the 1095 Mae Hong Son – Pai route, approximately 10 kilometers from the city, turn left in the direction of Kung Mai Sak – Ban Huai Kan ; after 4 kilometers, travelers will find Phu Klon, situated on the right hand side.

on the Chiang Mai – Mae Sa-Riang – Mae Hong Son route. Buses depart from the Chiang Mai bus terminal 5 times daily. Further information available at the Chiang Mai bus terminal.

  • Prempracha Transport Company Limited, Mae Hong Son, +66 5361 1318
  • Prempracha Transport Company Limited, Chiang Mai, +66 5324 4737

Thai Airways offers 3 daily flights from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son. For further information and reservations, contact Thai Airways Public Company Limited.

  • Bangkok: 6 LanLuang Road, Tel. +66 2280 0070, +66 2280 0080
  • Mae Hong Son: 71 Singhanat-Bamrung Road, Tel. +66 5361 2220
  • Chiang Mai: 240 Pra Pok-Klao Road, Tel. +66 5321 1044-7

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