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Rose Farms in Phop PhraPhop Phra is known to be the country’s largest rose production base. Phop Phra has an rose production area of 9,000 Rai. It has an ideal climate, fertile soil and location for rose to grow well. Here many species of rose are grown, especially thornless rose.The rose was first introduced to Phop Phra in B.E. 2536 and the planting area has been expanding until Phop Phra is the country’s largest rose production base in Thailand. There are rose farms in every sub-district of Phop Phra. Each day the rose are sent to Pakkhlong Talat Flower Market in Bangkok before distributed to other areas. Roses are much more popular during the festivals such as New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day. The rose farm is open for public all year round. Visitors can purchase the roses or see the rose caring method. The popular farms in Phop Phra are;-Suan Sai Thong – Located in Mu 9, Chong Khaep sub-district, Phop Phra district. This farm produces quality thornless roses, rose with different coloured petals and a white rose changing into red rose by osmosis.-Pathamphet – Located on Mu 6, Chong Khaep sub-district, Phop Phra. This farm is famous for the rose and organic vegetable farm. The famous product is rose petal dried with silica kept in glassware. This product can be kept in the same condition for about 10 years.In addition, Phop Phra is also a big agriculture and marigold production base of Thailand.

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