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Operating time : 09.00 - 16.00

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Satun Central Mosque (Majid Mambang) is located on Buri Wanit Road and Satun Thani Road in the center of Satun. The mosque was built in modern Islamic architecture style and decorated with marble and colorful glasses. The building is divided into two parts: outside is a corridor that leads to a dome tower where there are picturesque views of Satun town. Inside is a prayer hall and the library is located in the basement. Previously, Masjid Bambang was a one storey building. Its unique three-tier roofs were arranged in a pyramid shape with the smallest one on the top and the largest at the bottom to cover the whole building. The floors were covered with brown tiles. The interior measured 13 meters both in length and width and the building was supported by four wooden poles. The original Masjid had deteriorated because of its wooden structures and because it was too small to accommodate worshippers performing prayers. It was then uprooted and rebuilt in the same plot of land. The new building was completed in May 1979.Opening hours: 9am-4pmContact: 075-215-867, 075-211-058Getting there: On the corner of Buri Wanit Road and Satun Thani Road. 

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On the corner of Buri Wanit Road and Satun Thani Road.

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