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Ko Pha Ngan
Category : Beaches & Bay

Thong Nai PanYai Beach is located at Moo5, in Ban Tai sub-district. It is 23 kilometers away from the town. It is the second most beautiful beach after Rin Beach. The beach is divided into two areas which are Tong Nai Pan Noi Beach (North) and Tong Nai Pan Yai (South). Both locations are quiet, but low-price hotels can be found mostly at Tong Nai Pan Yai Beach. Tong Nai Pan Yai Beach is filled with delicate white sand surrounded by mountains and rain forests which cannot be accessed on foot. To visit, travellers need to travel by car through laterite road. At the present, the concrete road is under construction. Visitors can also arrive at the beach by boat from Rin Beach or Chaloklum Beach. Visitors can enjoy swimming at the beach all year round with enough waves to start surfing. In addition, there are bars and restaurants available at the beach. Tourists who like waking up early can enjoy sunbathing here. Tong Nai Pan Yai Beach is longer than Tong Nai Pan Noi Beach with more option for accommodation. There is also a hiking trail for climbing up the mountain and waterfall. Around PhaNganIsland, the rain forest is stil in good condition. To visit, there are two ways including travelling by minibus from Tong Sala port or taking taxi costing 100 baht per person leaving at 12.30 and 17.00. After getting off ferry boat from Don Sak, SuratThani, when you arrive at Tong Sala port, you will notice a minibus stop to Rin Beach. Ask for a pick-up car to travel to Tong Nai Pan Beach or take a boat from Tong Sala, Rin Beach and Manam Beach.     

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