Wat Chon Prathan Rangsan
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Wat Chon Prathan Rangsan Wat Chon Prathan Rangsan is located at Moo 3, Ban Judsan, Sam Ngao Sub District. It was built around five kilometres from Bhumibol Dam by the Royal Irrigation Department to replace eight existing temples which were flooded in 1959, after the construction of the dam. The eight temples were Wat Ban Huai, Wat Si Tan, Wat Don Keaw, Wat Luang, Wat Tha Duea, Wat Ta Pong, Wat Aum Warb and Wat Phra That Loi. At the time, people in Ban Na Subtrict were also evacuated to an allocated area.    The temple is home to part of the holy relics of Buddha, the sacred Phra That Loi, a top of a tiered-umbrella and other religious objects; for example, bronze statues of Buddha in different mudras and sizes, gilded casket carrying scriptures of Buddhist teaching and a variety of essential utensils.   The key attraction at Wat Chon Prathan Rangsan is the three bronze images of Buddha in Subduing Mara mudra called Luang Por Tun Jai. The first statue is 19 inch wide and 32 inch tall, the second 16 inch wide and 31 inch tall, and the third 9 inch wide and 20 inch tall. The Buddha images have over 1,300 years old. They are the respectable, highly sacred images of Buddha of people in Sam Ngao District.   According to evidence as of 1929, Khun Jaroon, a police chief at the time, went on patrol, stole Luang Por Tun Jai and tried to sell the images around the centre of Rahang. However, people are afraid and nobody bought the stolen Buddha images, so Khun Jaroon and his people returned the images to the temple and docked his boat to pass the night in front of the temple. At around one o’clock, while he was resting, his body went in convulsion and he died at a later time.   Another incident took place on September 2, 2008, when the smallest Luan Por Tun Jai was stolen from the temple. Later, on September 12, the culprit brought the image to Wat Klong Ranong, Chumsang District, Nakhon Sawan Province, and called Pol.Gen. Damrong Petchpong, the superintendent of Chumsang Police Station during the time, to return the image to Wat Chon Prathan Rangsan. Both incidences were viewed as miracles of Luang Por Tun Jai. During Songkran festival each year, people in Sam Ngao District will carry the three Buddha images around villages. Along the roads, there will be people bringing flowers, incenses and candles to pay respect. They will also throw popped rice, flowers and water at the procession for a blessing.    Luang Por Tun Jai was formerly housed at Wat Tha Duea for around 50 years before the images were kept at Wat Tha Pong for about 7 years. When the government had the Bhumibol Dam built, monks and local people then moved to the land which were allocated for them. Wat Chon Pra Than Rangsan was built at that time. In 1960, the images of Luang Por Tun Jai were moved to the temple and have remained there until present.  

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