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ร้าน spice house
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Category : Children/Family

Starting with fresh mind and ended with finale' feeling This restaurant is located on the based floor inside of Jungcelon Patong, Phuket  The restaurant caught my eyes with an interesting exterior decoration so that i walked to the menu's stand and started browsing the list, but, i walked away, yet a tick of choice in my mind. After the walk-around, i came back to the shop and rush into it.  Then, i started opening the drink list first and lemon-mint was a drink i chose. Next, i opened the menu and scanned the menu with back and forth because many of them are so interesting. But, i came up with three menus, starting with chicken consomme, then, grape salad, finished with steamed seabass stuffed with squid and cheese.  Lemon-mint was served with nice-looking mix altogether. Very good blending taste indeed. Chicken consomme was the second in the queue with plain looking, but, with delacated taste and patience of the chef to make this soup is assumed. Next, grape salad was the third, with good timing for the queue.  This menu is good in coloring by grapes, green vegies and cut with salmon. It's a very good in the aspect of mixed taste and smooth in a one mountful. The real white knight came into light with very well presentation and alluring me not to wait to eat and hold others on the other hand.  Not forget to sqeezing the piece of lemon on it, then, i started the first cut. Fish is so fresh that i could feel and i then moved on to the stuffed part and i chew it altogether and the dish stayed in front of me until it almost finished and i almost forgot to finish the remaining of others.  After that, i took turn of the rest until finish......... Full with finale' feeling and no more words to say, but, smile.  If you guys don't know where to eat at Jungcelon, then, this is my recommendation to try.  Enjoy! 

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