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Opening Days : Monday - Sunday

Opening Hour : 11.30 - 22.30

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Cuisine : Korean

Kongju means “Princess” in Korean. It’s the Pathumwan Princess Hotel’s pride and joy, having been tagged as Bangkok’s best Korean restaurant. The decor in itself is simple, classy and comfortable. The ambience is friendly, clean and inviting.
Connoisseurs may opt to dine in the main restaurant area or one of its private rooms, to sample some of our fifty Kim Chi varieties, specially recommended by Kongju’s Restaurant Manager, Khun Hanna , as a prelude to other delicious Korean delicacies, including a tasty Korean barbecue.
These include, Pa Jeon, which is like a Korean pizza, Goo Jeol Pan, Kongju’s hors d’oeuvres speciality, tasty Korean barbecue or any of the a la carte selections available.
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