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MK restaurant maya chiangmai
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Opening Days : Daily

Opening Hour : 10.00 - 22.00

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   Food Service Standard for Tourism
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Chiang Mai
Cuisine : Asian

The restaurant business is one of the most competitive industries in Thailand.

         Food outlets are everywhere, from small carts dotting every street and alleyway to five-star restaurants at some of the world’s finest hotels, and everything in between.

New restaurants face the challenge of differentiating themselves from their more established competitors. While Thai food remains by far the most popular, the number of varieties and new concepts are constantly on the increase. Within the Thai food sector there are a number of successful restaurant chains, including several offering Thai suki, or just  “suki”  as it is known to Thai people.

         Suki was first introduced to Thai consumers more than three decades ago. While the name suki might sound Japanese – and most people might assume it is a variation of Japanese shabu shabu – suki is actually a twist on a Chinese steamboat dish. But it is uniquely Thai.

         Perhaps more than any other restaurant sector, the suki business is dominated by large chain restaurants. MK Restaurants, one of Thailand’s suki chains (formerly known as MK Suki), has been serving Thai consumers for more than twenty years. More recently, it has taken its successful formula to several destinations overseas, with a total of twenty restaurants opened outside Thailand in the past eight years. MK serves a wide range of customers. The great taste of MK’s suki and the enjoyment customers get out of cooking their own food at their own table appeal to all age groups, from children and teens to adults and seniors. Suki is also a popular choice for dining out in large groups.

         The high concentration of vegetables combined with quality cuts of meats and seafood as main ingredients – all boiled rather than fried – has allowed suki to capitalise on the growing trend of healthier eating among the population at large.

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