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Song Phi Nong
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Opening Days : Daily

Opening Hour : 08.00 - 17.00

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Buri Ram
Category : Children/Family
Cuisine : Thai Food

Is a variety of Isan Thai food Including friendly service For most menu dishes are Isan food, such as Laab, Koi, Sweet Liver, Boiled Dip, Om Kaeng, Hot and Sour Soup, grilled beef , Tam Tang and Tam Thai  , Tam Pu, etc. In addition have seasonal menus such as during this time, the red ant eggs are predominant. Green Curry and Red Ant Egg. Whenever there is a lot of bamboo bamboo shoots  there will be a variety of Isan dishes with bamboo shoots.
*Recommended Menu Crispy Duck should be Coriander  sprinkled to add color. And delicious aroma
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