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Tequila Reef
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Opening Days : Monday - Sunday

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Cuisine : Mexican


It is a little known fact that “Nacho” was the inspiration for our restaurant. Nacho spent his early years as a cliff diver in Acapulco, Mexico until he hit his head while doing a Timex commercial (Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!). After this tragedy and the ensuing fear of heights, he took up surfing and went on to win the Gold Medal for Surfing in the 1969 Olympics.

With his fame and success came many endorsement deals and he made a tidy sum of money. He spent the ‘70’s and ‘80’s chasing the perfect wave and winning surf competitions. He was well known in the world surf community, and they even did a Life Magazine cover story about him. It has been suggested that the surf movie “Endless Summer” was based on his surfing exploits.

In the 1990’s, he had been credited with starting the “Dot-Com” phenomenon with He made a bundle and went on to become a world authority on Margaritas and Martinis. Wanting to settle down, he bought one of the best secret surf spots in Mexico called “Tequila Reef” and built a jet set Resort. Many of his close personal friends like Henry Kissinger, Keith Richards and Robb Vaughn helped to make his resort famous.

Nacho is gone now but it is said that to many he appears after their 10th Margarita. Hence, the inspiration for Tequila Reef Cantina lives on.
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