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Anita Silk has been sold in the international market since the generation of our grandmother, 50 years ago. At that time, we had a small silk store on Surawongse Road, not on Silom Road like today. Most of our customers were foreign flight attendants. Every time they came to Thailand, they came to our shop for new dresses. Those customers started to ask us whether we wanted to export our products. My grandmother saw it was a good opportunity, so she agreed. My grandmother was a clever woman. She could speak English despite the fact that not many people could speak English at that time."
This is a story told by "Rossarin Puttipanpong" and "Apipawadee Puttipanpon," the successors of Anita silk business. The story has emphasized that the road to the global market of Anita Silk has been paved since the first generation.
They further told us that Anita Silk was registered as a business in 1952, but actually, the business had been operated before that. Formerly, it is a silk store, open for general tailoring services, because we have our own weaving factory. Next to the generation of my grandmother, it was the generation of my mother. She still did what my grandmother did until the generation of grandchildren. We came up with a new product idea, which is to transform silk into accessories, such as curtains, bed covers, cushions, frames, bags, etc. in order to expand the market.
Until today, we can say that our idea has fulfilled the market?s needs, because Anita Silk has gained more interest and is able to expand our market to more than 30 countries around the world.
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