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Opening Days : Monday - Sunday

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Payment : Visa, MarterCard, Diners Club cards

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The outstanding uniqueness of the Kai Boutique brand is its design and cutting that are ?serene and elegant?
Khun Somchai Kawtong, known among his fellow designers as ?Kai?, believes that brand building requires dedication and hard work to preserve customer?s trust. However, for brand-building strategies, the only warhead to best create impact for the brand is word of mouth.
?I think that customers make buying decisions based on their budgets. If they?re coming in to look for their favorite cuttings with great quality and materials, they would be willing to pay a higher price as long as the piece?s quality reflects what they paid.?
As a consequence, the key feature of Kai Boutique is the craftsmanship and Khun Kai?s neat work ethic. As soon as the brand had been set to be widely recognized, readymade clothes were immediately removed from the production line in order to focus on the quality of ?each piece.?
Kai Boutique?s main target is customers who look for quality design and cutting. Many celebrities admitted that they ?would love to have a chance to wear Somchai Kawtong at least once in their lifetime.?
Another brand?s visibility, apart from the pieces themselves and runway presentation, is the shops that reflect the brand?s personality. Khun Kai have designed them to be Thai, simple and delicate. Also, the locations that answer to the brand?s marketing position make the headquarter shop on Ratchadamri Rd and the Peninsula Plaza branch the principal channel rather than shops in chain department stores.
Amidst the changing competitive waves and customers? needs, what remains solid for the brand is the designer himself.
?I think when people think of Kai Boutique, they?ll simply think of me.? This became another challenge in sustaining the brand. Khun Kai is aware that the business has its own cycle, but evolving the brand away from its DNA is quite hard for Kai Boutique as its core is strongly tied to its designer.
The brand?s value curve may decline, but its intensity should stay the strong element to help the brand make a significant difference.
As other brands compete in seasonal fashion,
Kai Boutique?s incomparable ?quality? remains to make everyone desire for it.
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How to get there
  • By BTS : 7 minutes walk from Chidlom station
  • By Other : 15 minutes walk from Siam Square

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